Ever have those moments when you wish that you knew then what you know now?  If so, share your perspective, advice and wisdom.

Real world stories inspire the next generation to aspire.  Serve as a virtual mentor by creating a short video about your personal journey.  If you need help developing your message, we recommend using our framework to help guide your tale.

Recommended Framework For Your Story

  • Introduction: Your first name, tribal affiliation, degree(s), and career field. 

  • Talking Points: 

    1. What motivated you to earn an education and why is education important?

    2. What motivated your career choices in: Politics, Advocacy, Public Policy, Public Service or Community Organizing?

    3. Why are political awareness and community involvement important?

  • Make a Pledge: “I, first name, pledge to be a positive role model and a source of guidance for the next generation of indigenous students.”

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Additional Talking Points:

  1.  How did a high school diploma help you to achieve your dreams?
  2.  What was your moment of inspiration like?
  3.  If you were a parent student, how did your balance life and education?
  4.  How did you deal with challenges while in school?
  5.  How do you use the three R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic) in your daily life and profession?
  6.  What are the educational requirements for job opportunities in your field of work?