Non-Profit Careers

About the Positions: Non-profit advocacy groups play a key role in educating elected leadership and political support staff about policy issues. Often times, non-profits are directed by a membership that greatly cares about specific issues, such as cultural preservation, education, health care or economic development.

Non-profit advocacy groups often maintain a staff that communicates its membership, analyses legislations, develops policy positions and political strategies, informs elected leadership and maintains the organization’s daily operation.  Advocacy groups can be found on the national, state, country and tribal levels. 

Here are some examples of national advocacy groups and key staff positions. 

  • Non-Profit Advocacy

  1. National Congress of American Indians
  2. National Indian Health Board
  3. National American Indian Housing Council
  4. National Urban Indian Health Board
  • Positions

  1. Executive Director
  2. Chief Financial Officer
  3. Government Relations Director
  4. Legislative Director
  5. Legislative Assistant
  6. Communications Director
  7. Advocate
  8. Research Director


About Skill Set: Non-profit advocacy groups utilize employees with many different skill sets in different departments.

The government department often needs politically savvy staffers who know about policy issues, keep up with the news, have strong writing skills, and possess the ability to think critically about scenarios

The communications department requires strong writers who have mastered the rules of grammar. Those who understand journalism strategies and know about the news cycle offer a unique quality that may help an advocacy organization spread its message.

Individuals in management or directorships make decisions for organizations and departments.  The ability to understand a budget and finances is a must. Leaders of organizations and departments also develop strategies to accomplish goals for staff to accomplish.

  • Relevant High School Courses

  1. Government (American and Tribal)
  2. History
  3. English
  4. Math
  5. Science
  6. Computer Science
  7. Marketing
  • Popular College Degrees

  1. Public Administration
  2. Political Science
  3. Public Policy
  4. Government
  5. Journalism
  6. Pre-Law