Talking to Students

It is important to talk with your student about his or her career and educational aspirations.  It maybe helpful to have a conversation with your student or child about setting a goal and planning for the reach that goal.  There are online tools and worksheets by Mapping Your Future that may aid in your efforts to set youth on a path to success. 

Here are some helpful hints on ways to support your student's career exploration efforts:

  • Keep the conversation going between parents and teachers about a student's aspirations.
  • Check in with the high school career counselor for advice on which classes to encourage a student to take.
  • Recommend the type of college degrees that a student might pursue.
  • Ask someone in the student's field of interest to talk with the student about his or her experience.
  • Help a student write a letter to thank the mentor for his or her time.
  • Emphasis financial planning for personal and educational expenses.