Planning Your Future

It is never too early to explore a potential career path. Students use many different strategies for exploring careers options.  For example, some students call upon a mentor for insight into a particular field, while other students conduct online research to identify educational options and related work experience. No matter your approach, you must take the initiative to identify your interests and establish your goals.

Mapping Your Future provides a free toolkit to help guide your exploration. The toolkit includes instructions for assessing of your skills and interests, developing of a career plan, researching careers, and strategizing how to find a real job.  This toolkit is applicable for exploration into any sector.

As you research different options, we encourage you to take into serious consideration the opportunities available within the political arena, non-profit sector and government administration. Our recommendations include popular job titles that can be found within your tribal government or local state’s workforce. If you cannot find your tribe's website for human resources or personnel management, try exploring job descriptions within the Navajo Nation's government.

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